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SCBI#60: Endings and Beginnings

Published 4 months ago • 3 min read

It’s been a few days of nothing but gluttony, sitting by the fireplace, watching the kids play with their cousins, watching movies and cold water swimming! I’d say it’s an ideal way to spend the Christmas holidays — for me anyways! 😜

What’s missing is the snow…🌨❄️…but snow is scheduled for the 28th so it looks like we’ll get our snow day in before we head back to the UK. At the moment we should be spending New Year’s Eve back home but with all the delays we had coming here I’m not holding my breath. Let’s see how life has planned for us to ring in 2024. 🎇🔔🎆

New Year’s is a great time for reflection (to be honest, anytime is a great time for reflection!) and the end of a year comes with this feeling that one thing is ending and a new thing is beginning — kind of like a new moon or the summer or winter solstice.

Because I’m still on holiday, today’s issue, which is the last edition of 2023, is a roundup of some of the key takeaways from the past year’s newsletters. I’m biassed, of course, and think that each issue is a key takeaway that helps make life better in some way 😉 but I’ve chosen ones that might come in handy at this time of year. Click the topic that resonates and attracts your attention. 👇

Here’s why you don’t need New Year’s Resolutions

A simple way to look at accomplishing your dreams even when you don’t think you have time

Key questions to ask yourself to make the most of the year ahead

The only two ways to live your life (choose wisely!)

Your toolkit to manage your overwhelm, stress and anxiety

Before I end this last issue of 2023, I’ll leave you with one thought. I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions anymore (click on the first link above to learn why) but what I do instead is think of a word I’d like to focus on embodying. Having a word doesn’t tie you to one outcome or one goal or set you up for any kind of potential failure. It’s simply like a gentle motto that can help guide your way in a direction that is meaningful to you throughout the year.

My past year’s word was expansion and in all things I did, I was focused on allowing things to expand me — mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This year’s word is going to be waiting or patience. I haven’t quite decided…but in actual fact, it doesn’t matter. It’s the focus on the fact that this past year has been go-go-go in expansion and I now feel the pull that with everything I’ve done, it’s time to allow myself to be patient and wait for aligned paths to show themselves. Again, it’s not a resolution. It’s not tied to a certain outcome. It’s simply a word that embodies something that feels right and is important to me at this juncture in life.

So, if you’re up for it too and feel that this feels aligned for you, what will your word be for this coming year? What will you embody in 2024? Hit reply and let me know. I would love to know!

Wishing you all a beautiful end to 2023 and an even better beginning to 2024. May it bring a year of more inner-peace, more confidence in your place in this world and more courage to go for the things you subconsciously tell yourself aren’t possible for you. (I just want to remind you that they are!)

All my love and gratitude for your company in this unique experience that is life.

🎊 Happy 2024! 🎊

PS - If you're ready to make 2024 a year where you stop getting in your way, then it all starts with changing the programming of your mind. And lucky for you, that's exactly what I do! Book your free clarity call here and let's talk.

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