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SCBI#61: One Word Can Change It All

Published 4 months ago • 3 min read

2023 came and went! It was a great year in some ways and a challenging one in others. I’m sure many of you feel the same way. But here we are — 2024! And I can honestly say that I’m super excited for this year. I have some great plans up my sleeve and ones that you, my readers, will benefit from. Let’s see how the year unfolds and what it brings for us all.

I hope you all had a great holiday season, however you chose to celebrate (or avoid!) it and that 2024 comes with a renewing and refreshing start. The weather outside here in the south of the UK isn’t quite ‘refreshing’ or ‘renewing’ — I miss the Canadian snow already! — but the renewal comes from the inside. 😉

It’s the first edition of a new year — let’s get on with it!

A new year is a great time to implement new thought patterns or habits. Today I’m going to give you one word that I want you to add (often!) into your daily vocabulary.

The way we speak to ourselves and other people have such a big impact on how we feel and, as a result, behave. We talk in a way that limits us, brings us into a negative mindset, into scarcity — that feeling that we don’t have enough or that there isn’t enough to go around or that we’re missing out on something.

We often say things, even as a joke or light-heartedly, that make a statement about something we don’t have or can’t do.

‘You’re lucky. That’s never happened to me.’

‘I don’t know how to do that.’

‘I didn’t get the promotion.’

‘I’m not in a healthy place.’

When you read all of these statements, they don’t leave you feeling very good, do they? No matter how passively you might say them. But by adding one word to each of these sentences or statements, you can change the meaning around it completely.

The word I suggest you start using more often is…YET.

That’s right. Just one simple word but let’s take a look at how that one word changes everything.

‘You’re lucky. That’s never happened to me yet.’

‘I don’t know how to do that yet.’

‘I didn’t get the promotion yet.’

‘I’m not in a healthy place yet.’

This word, although just a word, changes the energy and the meaning you give to what started out as a negative thought or idea.

By using the word yet, you add opportunity, possibility, open-mindedness that something isn’t done-and-dusted. By using yet you change a negative or limiting idea into one of growth. And the simple word of yet affirms that.

Start paying attention to when you say statements that seem to carry the weight of negativity or limitation on it — and this goes for when you’re talking about yourself or someone else — and start practising adding a yet at the end of each. Notice how you suddenly don’t feel so ‘bad’ about that thing anymore because you’ve reminded yourself that it is still possible for you. Just because you haven’t done it yet, doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t in the near future. 💛

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Until next week, I hope you’ve had a great start to the new year and if it’s been less than what you hoped for, just remember that what you’re desiring just hasn’t arrived…yet.

In Summary:

The small change → add the word yet to any negative or limiting statement (eg. I don't earn enough money to afford that yet.)

The big impact → it changes the meaning and energy of a negative or limiting statement into one of possibility, hope, opportunity and growth.

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